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I’m David Black and I’m learning how to win the Internet Marketing game.
Join me on my journey, it will be so much easier if we work together…

Who am I?

If we’re going to do this together, it’s probably best if you know who I am.
I’m over 40, I’m not saying by how much, I’ll let you guess.
I like rock music and wear snake skin cowboy boots, but don’t let that put you off.
If I’m not getting deafened or working on my offline businesses, I’m watching a bit of motor sport.
Every year my wife and I make an effort to get to al least one of the overseas Formula One races – we love it, the noise, the atmosphere.

I started my first website back in 2001 and have subsequently built around 70 websites with varying levels of success.

I’ve had websites in all manner of niches from pest control and drugs rehab through to sun glasses.
I even run The James Bond International Fan Club, feel free to take a look at www.007.info

I’ve always worked hard but when one site didn’t bring in the money I’d find myself looking for the next money making niche.
I’ve purchased many ‘How to’ programs along the way, some good, some rubbish, I’ve wasted a lot of money and like many others, become disillusioned when the results didn’t materialise.
Although I learnt much about online businesses, I couldn’t find the missing pieces to the puzzle.

Now, as many of my old sites come up for renewal, I’m letting them go.

Where am I going?

What I’ve learnt is this:
Firstly, there aren’t really any secrets, just tried and tested methods that work if implemented correctly. They’ve worked for countless others and they’ll work for us.
We just need to know exactly what steps to take.
Secondly, that I need to focus my efforts on my main goal, as should you.
My focus is on Black68 and the journey towards financial freedom.

Now, I’ve set up this website to work towards making a proper online income, I’m sure you want the same thing?

Together we can learn how others achieved their goals and follow in their footsteps.

I’m on a journey to make some money, are you coming?

To receive regular updates on my progress and work with me step by step, just add your name and email address to the form below.

To our success,

David Black

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