Add a dash of Pizzazz to your blog post

As internet marketers are pushed away from their traditional pastimes of link building, guest posting and spinning articles, what does the future hold for content marketing?

What can you do to add pizzazz

What can you do to add pizzazz?

The battle between Google and the army of internet marketers rages on.

Like a game of chess, each side makes its move and waits to see what the other side will do next.

I’m sure that nestled away in the offices of the mighty G, their employees aren’t much different from the online marketers they seem intent on stopping.
A bit like cops and robbers.
They close one gate and padlock it, we find another doorway..

Google’s wants its public persona to be ‘Champion of  the internet surfer’, helping them find whatever information they’re desperate to find or answering their questions whilst weeding out the sales offers being thrust into their paths.

Sorry, I’m side tracking a bit here.

There are people out there that do want to find the products and services we’re offering, we’ve just got to find ways to get our offers in front of interested parties.

Yes, we can buy advertising from Google, Facebook or whoever, but wouldn’t we rather get our traffic for free? That’s what the web is all about – letting the masses go head to head with the big boys on an even playing field.

As building links gets harder, we’re left with doing it the way Google likes, naturally.

That means creating interesting, enticing content that people will naturally share across the web, creating a ‘web’ of links and flow of visitors back to that same content.

But how do we create content that won’t get lost in the sea of garbage that’s clogging up servers across the world?

Ask yourself, what do people really want?

What will people be willing to share?

Most people share the same things;

  • Funny or outrageous pictures
  • Silly videos
  • News they find shocking
  • News that makes them happy
  • Offers that look too good to miss

They won’t share things that make them look stupid or things they don’t want to be associated with.

To get someone to share a blog post, it’s got to really get their attention.

It needs pizzazz!

That’s where most people get stuck.

If you’re blog is about some mundane topic, how do you get away with writing shocking content or adding comical images?

Well the answer is, you don’t have to. Hooray.

Here are my tips for creating interesting blog content:

  • Answer someone’s question or solve their problem, the person looking for that information will find it interesting.  If they know someone else with the same problem, they’re likely to share it.
  • Write in your own style rather than churning out more business babble. People will take more notice if they feel they’re on a similar wave length.
  • Analogies can help generate interest and get your point across. You can relate a boring topic to something people know more about and draw them into your article.
  • Don’t write massive, long swathes of text – break it down into smaller paragraphs.
    A few spaces make it much easier to read. If it’s easy to read, people are much more likely to make it to the end.
  • Add some eye-catching images or video.
  • Use intriguing headlines that grab people’s attention. If you choose a boring headline, it won’t matter how engaging your writing is – they’ll never get that far.
    When submitting an article to the likes of Reddit, a title must grab the reader’s attention in a fraction of a second before your content is buried under the new submissions landing on top of it.
  • Lists often generate interest – ‘The top 10 this..’ ‘7 Ways to do this that and the other..’  You get the idea.

What tips can you give for writing engaging content?
I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below..

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  • Samuel

    Reply Reply 04/02/2014

    It sure is a battle indeed.

    But as “overall” thinkers, this shouldn’t be a problem.

    Content must be produced to the needs of your audience. Always.

    Thanks for the post and keep up the good work!

    – Sam

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