Building traffic with blog commenting

Most of us have the same problem.

We set up our blog and write some interesting articles. All we need now are some visitors to admire all the hard work we’ve put in.

That’s where the fun starts.

Any comments?

There are various ways to attract traffic to your site, today I’m looking at the benefits of Blog commenting.

Blog comments help in two main ways;

  • Direct traffic will follow the link within your comment,
    back to your site
  • Google increases your sites website ranking due to more links pointing back to your site

When placing comments you’ll need to find blogs that are in the same, or similar niches to yourself.
Don’t get me wrong, if your niche is weight loss and you can’t help but go and place comments on blogs in the ‘cushion embroidery’ niche, then good luck to you.
In general though, the objective is to interact and engage with like minded people.

When you leave a comment, most sites will show your name with a link back to your site.
If you provoke interest, the people reading your comment may click on the link to see what you’re all about.
Voila! Another visitor.

There’s no point in leaving spam comments, the typical ‘Yeah, well done, I’m so excited to have found you, you write so well…’ crap.
No, please spare us.
Read the post and, if you’re genuinely interested and have something to say, add you comment. You’ll find people are generally interested in other people’s opinions, whether they agree with your stand point, or not.

Adding comments also benefits the writer of that blog – they get added value and others can see the post is generating interest and getting interaction.
To become a member of that community and get noticed, you need to keep checking back, comment on new posts or reply to other comments on articles you’ve already commented on.

Back links from comments were always considered a good way to build your websites Google ranking. Now, there is evidence that Google doesn’t like to see too many links from comments, but then again, there isn’t much that Google likes, is there?

I’m fairly sure that blog commenting still helps to build your profile. Matt Cutts from Google says he does it all the time, see his comments in the video below.

Whatever we’re told about Google, without back links, they’d never find you in the first place.

So there we have it.

Get out there and start leaving your mark, build your reputation and attract some visitors to read your hard work.

Now, you know what to do..
Get writing those comments in that box down below!

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