How to choose a niche in which to build your online business

Yeah. You’ve decided you want to start a blog and make money online.

Just like the real world, you need to choose what you want to do to accomplish this.

If you were in the process of choosing a dream job, I’m sure you’d be primarily interested in the size of the annual salary, but I bet you’d also be keen to find a job you actually liked. One you could see yourself doing, week in, week out.
For all the money in the world, you wouldn’t want to wake up each morning dreading the day ahead.

Unsurprisingly, life in the virtual world of the internet is very similar.

Make a choice

What shall I choose? There’s so many to choose from..

You may choose to start your website / blog in a popular, high earning category because you’ve seen many other people bragging about the amount of cash they’re raking in.
Now this is fine if it happens to be an area you’re interested in.

If it isn’t you’re going to struggle.

Think about this;

Every week you’re going to have to come up with new content that you’re readers will want.
People aren’t dumb – If you have no real passion for the subject you’ve chosen, it’ll shine through.
The old expression ‘Fake it ‘till you make it’ isn’t as easy as it sounds!

So it’s important to choose a niche you’re interested in

As you look around, you may well think ‘I can’t do this or that because there’s already too much competition’.
Now it’s true that you’re going to find it much harder to become an authority in a big niche like internet marketing, fitness or weight loss, but don’t let that put you off.
If it’s something you really want to try and you have a real passion for a particular subject you’ll be able to add your own ‘twist’ to it’.
If you’ve got your heart set on a massive niche, you may be better to specialize in a particular area.

In internet marketing, you could specialize in ‘SEO’ or, in the popular weight loss niche, you could specialize in a particular type of diet or on a particular exercise regime.

You’ll find it much harder to find a brand new niche that no one else has tried. Often the reason a niche has no competition is because there’s no market for it, although not always.
I don’t want to put you off – you could find the next big thing!

Where can I find some ideas?

The best niche is one you already know you’re interested in – something you’re already involved with.
Could be a hobby, something you like reading about  or something you yourself search out information on..

If you’re still struggling, the links below may spark an idea.

Open up Google search engine and start typing. Here’s how I do it:

Try searching ‘The top 10 …’ Google can be very helpful – it tries to finish your sentence for you. Google top 10 search
After the ‘10’ type a space then go through the alphabet…
Google top ten alphabetical search
You can see what people have been looking for.

This works for other questions, ‘The best…’ How to..’ ‘Buy..’
Just type them in and see what Google suggests..

Google will also let you know what’s getting the highest number of searches, just goto

Amazon – Take a look at Amazon’s best sellers here:

Ebay  – Find the top items selling on Ebay,

YouTube – See what’s popular on YouTube, worldwide

If you later change your mind, that’s fine but it’s better to try and start the way you mean to go on, and, once your creating your site – stick with it.


To build up traffic and a following takes consistency – Once you’ve made your decision, keep at it.
You have to give yourself time, success won’t come overnight.

If you’ve already decided on a niche, I’d love to hear what made you choose it in the comments below…

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  • Rose

    Reply Reply 24/04/2014

    This is really an intriguing discussion of niche selection. After having tried it unsuccessfully, I have soured on the idea of building a mini-site empire. I think it is best to choose one or a few niches to develop into something over time. And that means that you have to get that sweet spot between choosing something that interests you enough to spend a lot of time on it – and yet still is commercially appealing. I have bookmarked this post as an important one so I can refer back to it.

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