Comfortably Numb

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Yes, I’m a blogger, you could call me an internet marketer, but I’m also a consumer, a shopper, a punter, whatever the tag, I’m both a content producer and avid consumer.

It’s often forgotten, but, even though we build websites and add content, we are also the end users of other peoples work.

We will often try and figure out what the visitors to our blogs might be looking for when all along we had a spy in the camp.


Most of us live fairly boring lives.
We get up, we go to work, we go home, we watch TV, we go to bed and then we get up and do it all over again. We make a living – we pay the bills.
In the words of Pink Floyd, we’ve become, comfortably numb.

We know there’s more to life – there’s got to be.

We want the excitement and wealth that we believe are hidden just beyond our line of sight.
We search the web looking for something to transport us from this grey reality, we want to find content that moves us. Something that, just for a few minutes, can take us to a better place, a place where we can feel emotionally moved.

If we know what we’re looking for, it stands to reason that our potential audience are probably looking for the same things.

Do you really want to read yet another post on Google’s back link policy or keyword density?
Maybe you do, I must admit I’ve written a fair few myself!

We need to conjure up a little magic – entice people to our websites with something that will stir their soles.
Post titles are scanned in a fraction of a second as passing visitors attempt to discover the gem that may lie hidden within.

Controversy may be controversial, it may cause people to jump into your comment section and give you a piece of their mind, but that’s surely what we want.
Better that than them yawning and clicking the little red cross in the top corner of their browser.

We don’t need to go round stirring up trouble or upsetting people but we should be confident enough to share our own opinions outside the safety of our own homes.

I want all of us to make an effort to try and add value to the net before it’s lost under a sea of mediocrity.

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