The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) requires all online businesses that generate any form of income to have a disclosure policy. In 2013 the revised .com disclosures document provided FTC staff guidance concerning the making of clear and conspicuous online disclosures that are necessary pursuant to the laws the FTC enforces.
Although I’m not based in the good old USofA, I hope my blog will be read there and feel I should include a disclosure policy.

They state that required disclosures must be clear and conspicuous.

Well you’ve found it. This is it , you’re reading it

I began this website to show others how to make money online whilst learning myself. My objective, in the long term, is to make money from this site. If I don’t it’s not for want of trying.

If you join my mailing list, I may at times try and sell you products or services as well as presenting you with offers from others. These will always be openly disclosed at the time.

Links to third party products I recommend or mention on my website or in emails are sometimes, but not always, affiliate links. For the purposes of this disclosure, it’s best to assume they are.

The companies I recommend may pay me a commission for introducing you to them.
I recommend products or services that I have used or tried myself and that I think will benefit you in your business or personal endeavours.

I only recommend them if I honestly believe they are useful or worth buying  – I view any commission as a bonus.

If you decide to purchase these offers from third party companies this is your decision and you will then be bound by their terms and conditions.
I cannot be held liable for problems encountered with these third parties nor can I guarantee their claims, I’m only an affiliate.

Any adverts that appear on this site will be affiliate links.


I am trying hard to make money online and I hope you will too.
I can’t guarantee that you will make the same income as me from following what I’m doing.
In fact I can’t guarantee you’ll make anything at all.
That’s life – it doesn’t come with a guarantee.

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