The Great Escape

The Great Escape

Seventy years ago, 76 servicemen fled from the German Stalag Luft III camp through a 336ft (102m) long tunnel.

Only three reached safety. Of the 73 recaptured, 50 were shot.

These men were prisoners of war.
They could have sat out the rest of the war, obediently following the instructions handed down to them by their German captors.
But they wanted their freedom and were prepared to take whatever risks were necessary to get it.

Many of us have felt trapped within our own lives.
Whilst stuck in lacklustre jobs we get no enjoyment from, we’ve dreamed of escaping the daily grind for a life of fulfilment and fun.

The problem is we’re often stuck in a rut and scared to risk losing what we’ve already got.
The way we live our lives is controlled by habits and these have become deeply embedded within our minds. We just can’t break free.

Maybe, if we knew which way to dig, we too could tunnel our way to freedom.

These prisoners weren’t going to sit back and wait for someone to come in and rescue them.
They did their best to work out which way to dig. Even with careful planning they miscalculated and their tunnel didn’t make it to the cover of the woods they’d aimed for.
This mistake wasn’t discovered until the first escapees poked their heads from the hole and had a look around. They were shocked to find they’d emerged in no man’s land some 30 feet short of their target.

Their plan had gone wrong, but they didn’t give up, their will remained strong.

Their goal remained the same.

The prisoners changed their plan determined to reach their goal.
Sadly only three men made it all the way home, however, these 76 men will always be remembered. The film ‘The Great Escape’ immortalises their courage and determination.

You must decide what you want to achieve and set yourself a plan to go and get it.
If you go off course, adjust your plan and keep pushing forward. Don’t let anything sway you from your goal.

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