Back up your WordPress site NOW – you’ll be glad you did..

It’s strange that we often know what we should be doing but just can’t be bothered.

This often comes to light only when disaster strikes.

This happened to me this week.

There I was happily adding a bit of text to one blog, moving an image on another – pretty much going about business as usual.

Having built 78 blogs to date over the last few years, I didn’t give any of this much thought – I just carried on as normal, after all I considered myself something of an expert.

Until it all went wrong.

Back up your wordpress site easily

There I was in one of many cpanels, deleting a few redundant files and generally tidying up.

I wanted to fully clear out a particular domain – wordpress installation and all. I repeatedly tapped away at the delete key without a care in the world, the directories disappearing before my eyes. Finally I was left with a sql database that held the wordpress data – delete – gone.

I refreshed the website that I had open on another browser tab – it was still there.

What the hell..

It must be a browser ‘cache’ issue I thought – I cleared it and refreshed again – still there.

What had I got to do to get rid of this infernal site?

Only when, a few minutes later, I tried to look at one of my main websites, did the reality of what I’d just done dawn on me – Yes I’d deleted my main site – not the one I thought I was working on.

The whole thing – 3 years of work and over 500 pages.
I felt sick.

I just sat there staring at the screen, shaking.

All this down to two similar ‘usernames’ and a careless attention to detail.

Had I backed up regularly – had I chuff.

Now backing up a wordpress site is one thing – many people have all sorts of plugins to back up their databases. Restoring it is quite another issue – have you ever tried?

Now it is possible, however, when you’ve trashed the entire site and all evidence of its existence, it ain’t easy.

My backup regime was lax to say the least – I had 2 backups form 12 months ago and amazingly one from 3 weeks ago. Phew.

Luckily, a couple of years ago a friend of mine had a similar problem – he advised me to use a tool called ‘Backupbuddy’. I did.

This plugin lets you backup your entire wordpress site and restore it into an empty domain very easily. The software now also includes an automated, scheduled backup that you can set from its control panel – don’t do like me and forget to set it up or you’ll be mighty upset when it all goes pear shaped.

The lesson here is simple – don’t wait until your site has been hacked, deleted , vanished or destroyed – back it up now with a proper tool for the job –
One day you’ll be glad you did.

Here’s Josh at iThemes to tell you how to do it…

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  • John Morello

    Reply Reply 27/12/2013

    Wow that’s a tough lesson to learn brother! I use Updraft on most of my WordPress sites, but I don’t think it’s as easy to restore as it is with Backup Buddy.

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