What is Internet Marketing and why should we care?

As we set out on this journey to discover the secrets of internet marketing, firstly we’d better be clear as to what it is we’re dealing with.

We constantly hear these terms banded about and probably never stop to actually think about their true meaning or what relevance they have to our personal or business goals. SEO, pay per click, list building, keywords, social media… the list goes on.

If you’re reading this post, you’re probably like me, venturing into the world of online commerce, e-commerce as it’s become known, and hoping to make money in the process. To do this there’s no doubt that we’re all going to have to educate ourselves in the right and wrong ways of getting visitors to our web sites and persuading them to pull out their credit cards and purchase whatever it is we believe they want.

Understanding how all the pieces of this jigsaw fit together is the first step in creating a system or plan for our online futures.

Here we go then..

What is internet marketing Internet marketing is just a term that encompasses the various ways of getting people to come to our websites rather than heading to all the other sites trying to do exactly the same. Depending on the ‘niche’ you wish to do business in, this may be a handful of competitors, or, if you want to do well in the ‘money making’ or ‘losing weight’ areas, thousands of sites all fighting to be seen.

Most sites that land at the top of your Google search will have utilised many of the individual Internet marketing strategies listed below:

Online website promotion – Ad agencies will show your ‘banners’ on other sites for a fee, usually charged by the number of times the advert is seen (CPM – cost per 1000 impressions) or by the number of times someone clicks on the ad and is taken to your page (PPC – Pay per click or CPC Cost per click). Also in the ‘paid for category’ is sponsored search results where you pay to appear at the top (or side) when someone searches for the particular product or service you’re trying to sell. Obviously, if you can get to the top of the page for free for the same search terms, that’s much more profitable than having to pay for every visitor that clicks through to your site. The art of climbing to the top of the rankings, particularly important on Google, is referred to as Search Engine Optimisation.

Offline website promotion – The use of TV, Radio, printed adverts, billboards etc to persuade people to visit your website. Email marketing Build up a list of followers – that’s what I’m trying to do with this blog, giving you (or me!) a way to promote offers directly to the people who will hopefully be interested in receiving them.
Engaging with your audience through social media promotion Facebook Twitter You Tube (Upload a video – if it goes viral, you’re onto a winner) Affiliate marketing Get others to promote your item for a share of the profits – if they can sell it and make good money from it, they’ll put more effort into selling more. Remember, if you want the birds to sing, throw them plenty of seed…

The internet has given us all a way to play on a fairly level playing field – we can get ourselves to the top of the search engines and attract the audience we’re looking for, just a the large companies can. There’s an audience of thousands out there just waiting to see what we have to offer. We just need to figure out how to beat the SEO professionals at this search engine ranking game.

Join my list (!!) and together we’ll get ourselves up that ladder..

Until next time…

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