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Hi there,

I’m David Black and this is my first post on this new blog, Black68.
It would have been davidblack.com but unfortunately there seem to be quite a few ‘David Blacks’ out there (none quite like me!) so I had to choose a slightly random domain name.

I live in the UK and, after messing around on the internet for over ten years,  I’ve finally made a decision; I’m going to win at internet marketing.
Now I’m no Internet Guru, but, I’m damned sure if others can work this out – so can I!

I may be no SEO expert but I’m not new to the world of business – I run a furniture hire company in the UK, supplying tables and chairs to parties and weddings – I’ve done it for over a decade and we do fairly well. In addition, I’ve set up around eighty (yes, 70) blogs over the past five years in all manner of strange niches from pain relief to getting rid of carpenter ants, and, just in case I get bored, I’m the chairman of ‘The James Bond International Fan Club’ – no, really, I am!

That's me (On the left!)

That’s me (On the left!)

The reason I’m here though is to work out how to make some money (lots preferably) from my blogs. After all, that’s why I wrote them.
Most of them look quite good (In my opinion) and cover niches I identified as being ‘good’ markets to try.
The trouble is I never really knew how to do that thing they call ‘internet marketing’.

I reckon that if I master that, whatever it is, I’ll be onto a winner.

Having participated in various forums with groups of other ‘would be marketers’, I think there’s many of us just looking for the same answers.
What is it that these guys know that we don’t –  it can’t be that hard to find out.
They’re sucking up all the traffic and we want some of it!

I’m not the sort of person that likes to be beaten which is why I’m setting off on this journey of discovery.
I had planned to just ‘get on with it’ but then I thought, no, I’ll invite anyone else who’s interested to come along with me.

Join my list (There’s a form up there, top right) and together we will win this battle.

To our success…

David Black

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