Where do you find content for your blog AND get paid at the same time?

In this post, I’ll try to show you where to find content for your website that people will actually pay you to publish.  These are straight forward ways to make money blogging without too much stress. 

Many of the sites I’ve found are looking for both writers and publishers, after all, you can’t have one without the other!

Firstly, decide what you want from life…
Perhaps that’s a bit severe but at least decide what you want from the blog you’re working on.

If you want to create a site that people are interested in, a site that will build up a fan base, a site that shows how you feel about a particular subject – don’t go down this route. Your credibility can take a big hit.

Filling a site with loads of paid articles written by other people may help you make some money over time, but it’s unlikely to make you rich – for that you’re going to have to put some effort in to creating your own quality content and build a list of followers.

get paid for putting content on your blog

Picture of my garden pond – more interesting that a picture
of an article or another bloody computer..

If you are going to publish an article for someone else, you need to make sure it’s unique to avoid falling foul of copyright laws, as well as staying on the right side of the ever present Google. If you’re site is full of duplicate content, you’ll soon be in their bad books.
Plagiarism is a common problem across the internet – people have their work copied (stolen) all the time. A quick re-write, drop a new picture in, maybe swap a few words around and others will pass it off as their own.

So how do you avoid publishing duplicate content?

Head on over to Copyscape  – their free web tool will let you check whether an article you’re publishing is unique, or if copied, what percentage is original. Just paste the URL into the search box and, hey presto, the truth will out.

Now most companies looking to place content do require your site to meet certain standards.
They’re not just going to pay you to put their prized work on a one page blog about some irrelevant topic that you started last week. They want to see you have some credibility in the area you’re blogging about.
If you’ve got a reasonably well presented website with some PR and a bit of traffic, there are opportunities to earn money from posting their content.

Here’s some sites I’ve found that will pay you to put their clients posts or advertisements onto your website.
(I’m not affiliated to any of these sites, nor are they paying me to advertise their services, more’s the pity):


The place where ‘marketers and publishers connect’, apparently.

You can take a look through the available guest and sponsored publishing opportunities.
As ever it’s hard to put a figure on what you could earn. PostJoint says it depends on “Opportunities available at the time, your site, the marketer’s budget and other factors”. A bit vague! The figures available are anywhere from $10 for publishing an article on a low traffic site to $500 for certain suitable posts on sites with 100,000+ users.

Should you win an offer to publish, all you do is create a new post and paste in the html code you’re sent. You can edit the style to make it match your site as long as you don’t change the text or links within it. Easy.

Content Blvd 

This site has been setup to help bloggers find people or companies who are looking for places to publish their original content. You can either search for suitable content yourself or invite people to pitch their articles to you.
The amount you get paid to publish a sponsored article is dependent on your site’s Moz Domain Authority – prices range from $50 for sites with a Moz DA of 20 to $425 for those with a score of 89.

Backlink Metro

Backlink Metro will find you’ keyword rich’ blog content and pay you to post it on your site, as long as it has a PR of at least 1. This is done through the installation of  the BackLink METRO WordPress plugin.
It’s easy to get up and running but hard to get an exact idea of how much can be earned – you get ‘credits’ for links based on your pages PR which amounts to 50% of the amount the advertiser is paying. I’ve never tried this but it looks like you need a fair few credits to make good money.


A plugin operated system – suitable content is ‘recommended’ by the system – you add it to your site and  get paid – sounds easy enough. You get paid when readers click on the links embedded in the content. ContentClick shares all the revenue generated with publishers on a 60/40 split in favour of the publisher although what that equates to in real terms, I really can’t figure out!

Earn money writing  content for other sites

Moving away from your own blog, you can get paid to write content for other sites, something I’ll be looking at in a future post. I’ve included a few examples here:


If accepted you’ll be give a couple of assignments a week to write – these are from a wide range of topics. They seem to pay around $5 for posts of over 60 words but I haven’t checked.


SocialSpark describes itself as IZEA’s premium blog marketing platform. They connect advertisers with blog publishers to create sponsored blog posts.
Advertisers  supply you with opportunities to blog about a particular subject. You earn SocialSpark Points which to be fair you can’t spend down at your local Walmart, however, you can exchange your points for money. I think you get $1 for every 100 points which can be withdrawn by PayPal.
To be accepted by SocialSpark, your blog must be at least 90 days old with a minimum of 20 posts written within the 90 days prior to submission.. “The blog must also contain a clean, easy to navigate layout and be written in fluent English or Spanish” – You have been told.

Yahoo Voices

The site that morphed from the once massive Associated Content  – you get to blog and get paid for it at the same time.
Just sign up then browse the assignment desk to find suitable opportunities – you would create content for Yahoo or one of its partner sites. Many assignments offer Up-front Payments, typically ranging from $2 to $25 (although some partner opportunities may pay up to $100)

Payments are made through PayPal. Not got an account? Where’ve you been hiding.

Publishing Product reviews

If you’re happy to write, some sites will pay you to publish reviews on your site.
Sponsored reviews are easy ways to generate some money from your blog – The requirements are normally fairly simple and don’t need a much time to complete. Pay can range from a few dollars to a ‘fistful of dollars’ to quote  Sergio Leone.
Reviews of products need to bare some relevance to the topic you’re blog covers – no point reviewing a vacuum cleaner on a site about tropical fish, or maybe there is!

Here’s some sites I’ve checked out:

Review Me

If approved, your site is entered into the ReviewMe marketplace – clients will pay from $20 to $200 for you to publish reviews on your own site.

Sponsored Reviews

Say they will pay you to write honest posts about their advertiser’s products and services – or to post advertiser provided content.
To be accepted your blog needs to be at least 3 months old and indexed in the search engines. It must also have at least 10 back links and 10 archived posts. By posting regularly and building up a following, you can generate more income.
“Advertisers pay anywhere from $5-$500 per article depending on the quality of your site”  – the old ‘How long’s a piece of string’ syndrome.

Other sites worth checking out:

PayPerPost   Site being updated at the time of writing.




Demand Studios 


I’m sure there are plenty of other sites that will throw money at you for publishing their stuff – just make yourself a nice cup of tea, open up your favourite search engine and get surfing…


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    Hello, and thanks for your suggestions. It is not always easy to find good content, expecially when you are asked to write for someone else blog… cheers! Danielle

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