What the hell is SEO anyway??

I’m pleased some of you have chosen to join me on this mission to be masters of Internet Marketing.

In my last post, I took a brief look at what Internet Marketing might actually be about..

Turned out it was a grand term to house a multitude of processes, all geared towards driving people towards your site with the hope that they’ll spend some cash.
One of the key things I came across was the acronym SEO –everywhere I look,
there it is.

So what is this SEO?

what is seo

As I’m sure you know, it stands for ‘Search Engine Optimisation’ not ‘Small Eared Owl’.

Not wanting to give you a history lesson (I never liked school) but, some years ago the internet grew to be a large and wondrous place – the trouble was, with all those pages, no one could find anything they were looking for.

Various directories appeared that helped us ‘surfers’ try to find what we wanted. Great. The trouble was they weren’t that good – they relied on their people (yes, real humans) having to find and list each business or place of interest into the correct categories. You might remember some of these names – some still exist:
Hotbot, Excite, Yahoo! Excite, Lycos, Netscape, AOL, Go, MSN, looksmart etc…

Then, in 1996, two bright sparks, Larry Page and Sergey Brin met at Stanford and built a search engine, originally called BackRub. This soon out grew its server and was moved and renamed, yes, that’s right, Google was born.

The difference was that Google sent out little Googlebots to poke about and index the internet.
Because these little blighters didn’t get tired or bored , Google could deliver much more relevant results.

So here we are, in a world where being close to the top of Google’s search results can mean the difference between success and failure – being ranked at the top of the SERPS, yes another one of those acronyms,  (Search Engine Result Pages) is the holy grail. To most people who have a website, nothing else is as important. The closer to the number one spot, the higher the number of visitors.

So, SEO is the art of optimising a website to make it appealing to the search engines, and, when we say ‘search engines’ we really mean Google – I mean, who really care’s what Altavista or Bing think!

I’m surprised SEO isn’t just called GO (Google Optimisation).

The art of SEO involves a handful of processes that need to be completed, from on page to off site…
Some of these are:

      • Keywords
      • Keyword density
      •  Inbound Links
      • Outbound links
      • Social signals
      • Content
      • Content Updates
      •  Age of Site

Turns out that not only can you optimise a site, you can also over optimise a site, which can have a negative impact or even have you black listed from Google, great, as if it wasn’t going to be hard enough.

All these are areas we’re going to look further into, so stick with me.

Together, we’ll get there.

Bye for now

David Black

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